Pembroke School 1938

Albert Town School – opened 1868 or 1869, closed 1876 or 1878. Opened again 1886, name changed to Wanaka School in 1888 but it closed 1902. Classes started in Albert Hotel in 1906. A new school opened in1911. Its name changed back to Albert Town School in 1940 and the school closed in1945.
Ardgour School – opened 1919, closed 1940.
Bendigo School – opened 1875, closed 1925.
Cardrona School – opened 1870, closed 1948.
Haast Pass School – opened February 1940, closed May 1941.
Hawea Flat School – opened 1882.
Holy Family Catholic School – opened 2006.
Lindis Pass School – opened 1932, closed 1943.
Luggate School – opened 1884, closed 1950.

Luggate School c.1896

Makarora School – opened 1895, closed 1946. It re-opened again 1969 but closed again from 1987 to 1994 when it re-opened.
Maungawera School – opened 1901, closed about 1906. Reopened 1924, closed 1946.
Mt Aspiring College – see Pembroke
Pembroke School – opened 1880 changed to Wanaka District High School 1940 but changed to Wanaka Primary School1943. Wanaka District High School reopened 1955 & changed to Wanaka Area School 1976. In 1987 the school split & Wanaka Primary School & Mt Aspiring College opened that year.
Queensberry School – (Wanaka Road) – opened 1889, closed 1964.
Tarras Primary School – opened 1885.
Wanaka Primary, Wanaka District High School, Wanaka Area School – see Pembroke School.


Albert Town School – opened 1868 or 1869 with Mr. G.S. Pope as first teacher. It was officially closed in 1876, though Minnie Leckie is listed in Wises Directory as schoolmistress in 1878.
A new Albert Town school was built 2km south of Albert Town in 1886 and its name changed to Wanaka School in 1888. This school was closed in 1902 but classes started again in 1906 in the dining room of the Albert Hotel and continued there until a new school was built on the previous site in 1911. In 1940 its name reverted back to Albert Town, when Pembroke became Wanaka, but the roll declined and Albert Town School finally closed in 1945.

Ardgour School – opened in 1919 and its roll fluctuated from about 16 pupils up to 27 in 1930. It closed in 1940 when a bus service took the pupils to Tarras Primary School.

Bendigo School – opened in a corrugated iron building in 1875 but was not officially opened until 1878 with Thomas Gilmour as first teacher. In 1880 a new school was built between Logan Town and Bendigo & the combined school and teacher’s residence opened in 1881. When gold mining declined the school was shifted down to Bendigo in1910. The roll continued to decline and was closed in1925.

Cardrona School – opened in an “old iron residence” in 1870 with Mr. G.S. Pope as first teacher. A committee raised the money for a school and schoolhouse opening in 1872 with Mrs. Comyn, wife of the local policeman, as teacher. The admission registers start in 1874 and the roll reached 77 in 1891, after gold was discovered, The roll remained high until 1899 but dropped when the miners left. There were 17 students in 1931 but that had dropped again to just 4 in 1947. The school closed in 1948.

Haast Pass Schoolopened in February 1940 but closed again in May 1941.go to TOP

Hawea Flat School - opened in 1882 with Mungo Allison as first teacher. During the 1950s and 1960s, it was the largest school in the area with 250 pupils with an influx of pupils from the Hydro Village, but the roll dropped again and in 1976 it lost its Form 1 and 2 pupils to the Wanaka Area School.

Holy Family Catholic School –  for year 1 to year 8 pupils, opened in Aubrey Road, Wanaka in 2006.

Lindis Pass School – opened in1932 in Mrs Cormick’s Boarding House with 5 pupils & Marion Black as teacher. A two roomed school was shifted onto a section down the road in 1934. The school closed in 1943.

Luggate School – opened in 1884 with Marion B Steel as first teacher. The admission register starts in 1885. A new school was built in 1887. This burnt down in 1924 and lessons took place in the Luggate Hall until a new smaller school was built. This finally closed in June 1950.

Makarora School – opened in1895 with 18 pupils and James McLay as first teacher. The school closed in 1946 but opened again on a new site in1969. The roll dropped again closing the school from 1987 to 1994 when it opened again.

Maungawera School – opened in 1901 with James Roberston as teacher. Before then children from the area attended the Albert Town Wanaka School across the river. The school closed about 1906 until it reopened in 1924 with Mabel M. Grey as teacher. It stayed open for 22 years finally closing on 28 February 1946 thereafter pupils took the bus to the Hawea Flat School.

Pembroke School – opened in 1880 with Rev Charles Conner as first teacher and 22 pupils. When the 50th jubilee was held in 1930 there were 32 pupils.
In 1940 Pembroke School in Tenby Street became the Wanaka District High School but the 17 secondary pupils had to have their lessons in the supper room of the Wanaka Hall and, as this was unsatisfactory, the secondary department closed and the school reverted to the Wanaka Primary School in 1943. During that time secondary pupils attended Cromwell District High School or were sent to boarding school. The roll grew to 73 by 1949, a new school was built along the road on Tenby Street opening in 1950, and Wanaka District High School came back into existence in 1955 with 25 secondary students with Mr. Gunn as their teacher. The school changed again in 1976 when it became the Wanaka Area School with a roll of 305 pupils. The roll continued to grow until the decision was made in 1986 to split the school into Wanaka Primary School for students up to Standard 4 and a new school, Mt Aspiring College was built on Plantation Road for Form 1 to 7 students, both opening in 1987. A new Wanaka Primary School building opened in 2010 on an adjacent block of land to the college.

Queensberry School (Wanaka Road School) - opened in 1889 with Isabella Hitchcock as first teacher. This school burnt down in 1924 and a new small school was built. This closed in 1964.

Tarras Primary School – opened with 16 pupils in 1885 in the old Bendigo School building but a new building was provided a few years later.

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