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The following information was researched and collated by Ken Thomlinson, a member of the Upper Clutha Historical Records Society (UCHRS), from various records including the Runs Register held at Archives New Zealand in Dunedin.

Provincial boundaries between Canterbury and Otago were interpreted differently by each Council for several years until this was finally resolved in 1899. For the Upper Clutha region this affected the Mt Albert, Makarora, Hunter Valley, Mt Jones and Dingleburn Stations.

To read about the history of runs in this area refer to Local History which gives a comprehensive book list, many of which are held in the Wanaka Library.


Station -     Originally referred to the homestead then later as a large farm or property.
Run -    Another word for station but formerly meaning the land that went with a station.
Run Numbers -    Were allocated to each licence and later when subdivided often given a letter to indicate a portion of the original number.
Depasturing Licence -     (later became known as Pastoral Licence) which was allocated to a set portion of land or run for a set period of time.
B & NZM & A -     refers to British and New Zealand Mortgage and Agency
NZM & I -    refers to New Zealand Mortgage and Investment Association Ltd
Dalgety & Co -     refers to a stock and station agency

Morven Hills -  Runs 235, 236, 237 & 238 bordered Kawarua Station, was later subdivided in 1910
Lake Hawea  - now borders in the north Dingleburn, in the east 236B Forest Range and 235A Breast Hill Stations in the south Mount Grand Station
Dingleburn - renamed as such in 1954 after the raising of Lake Hawea with this the amalgamation of Timaru Creek, Mt Jones runs and the eastern side of Hunter Valley Station.
Ben Wyvis (Benweis) - Run 338A on mid western shores of Lake Hawea became amalgamated in 1954 into Hunter Valley Station.
Hunter Valley - at the head of Lake Hawea
Makarora - in the Makarora Valley was split up in 1995 with a portion being renamed Makaroa River Ranch
Mt Albert - in the west Makarora Valley at the head of Lake Wanaka
Minaret - Runs 337 and 337A bordered by the Alphaburn River in the north, Lake Wanaka to the east, Minaret Burn to the south and unclaimed Crown land to the west stretching to the Tasman Sea.
Glendhu - Runs 334C and 334D
Alphaburn - originally part of Glendhu, includes Mt Roy
West Wanaka - Run 333 was subdivided in 1901
Cattle Flat - originally part of West Wanaka till 1901
Matukituki - established in 1983 when subdivided off Cattle Flat, lies to the northern end of the Matukituki Valley bordering Mt Aspiring Station at Niger Creek.
Mt Aspiring Station - named as such in 1920
Glencoe - originally part of Ayreburn Station goes from the Arrow River into the Cardrona. 
Motatapu - was the back block of Glencoe Station until 1947. Most of the Motatapu Valley was for some years, part of the very large Wanaka Station.
Mt Burke - formerly known as Forks Run is situated between the two lakes, Hawea on the east and Wanaka on the west, it includes the Peninsula, the four peaks - Isthmus, Mt Burke, Mt Gold and Mt Maude.

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Glen Dene - originally part of Mt Burke was established in 1979 borders Lake Hawea on the east, Lake Wanaka on the west, the Neck in the north and Mt Maude and the Hawea Motor Camp in the south.
Lake McKay - currently an amalgamation of McKay on the Pisa Range and Midrun properties in 1990

Morven Hills Station the original 235, 236, 237 and 236 runs was subdivided in 1910 - now known as:
Breast Hill 235A
Dalrachny 235B
Morven Hills 235C old homestead block
Grandview Creek Run - 236A
Nine Mile - 236I
The Downs block - 236K and L
Timaru Run - 236 now known as Hawea Station
Kotiki - 236N and O previously known as Ram Terraces
Pukemara - 236P
Bowmans Flat - 236R later known as Iles
Maori Point - 236T
Little Cluden - 236M
Cluden - 237F
Timburn - 237G originally known as MacPhee's Ridge was split in two
Longacre - 237G
Geordie Hill - 237H
Merivale - 237H
Shirlmar - 237H
Bendigo - 238
Wainui - 238O
Cloudy Peak  - 238P
Malvern Downs
Ardgour - 238K
Devils Creek - 238M
Northburn - 238E

Morven Hills subdivision map – enquiries to UCHRS
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