Upper Clutha Pioneer Family Register

John and Elizabeth Kane

This is a Wanaka Genealogy Group on-going project started in 2010 to mark the 150th anniversary of the region. The completed forms reside in the Upper Clutha Historical Records archive in the Wanaka Library. If you need assistance with this form refer to the contacts given on this website.
For register purposes the area includes - Pembroke/Wanaka, Cardrona, Hawea, Makaroa, Luggate, Tarras, Cromwell as far south as Bannockburn.
If you have ancestors or relatives residing in the Upper Clutha region, please help us to record their footprint by filling out what details you know. Incomplete forms are acceptable. Supporting information such as certificates, family trees and /or photographs should be submitted with the form.
Download the form HERE - please print it using both sides of the paper.
Printed forms are also available from the Wanaka Library or by e-mail from wanaka.library[@]qldc.govt.nz

A Guide to form fillingVIEW an example or mock up of a completed form.